Our foundation welcomes every donation. You can donate simply by bank transfer to:

account holder:

Merlin Foundation

Merlin Foundation


DE16 8205 1000 0125 0260 56

(account holder)

DE16 8205 1000 0125 0260 56


HELADEF1WEM (Sparkasse Mittelthüringen)


HELADEF1WEM (Sparkasse Mittelthüringen)


We are also very happy about donors who would like to donate regularly by standing order. For example, a few bucks a month is either a cappuccino or two or a big contribution to NF2 research.

Donation receipts:
The German tax office accepts the account statement up to a donation amount of 300€. For donations over 300 € you will receive a donation receipt from us. Please state your address when making the transfer.

Additional informations

Note: The maximum amount of a donation that is recognized as deductible by the tax office depends on the total taxable amount of the donor’s income per year and is set at a maximum of 20% of the total income (German law).

Do you need more information on how you can support our foundation? Please send us an email.

Eight good reasons to donate:

  1. Genetic changes that cause tumours in NF2 are found in many human tumours. Advances in the field of NF2 also help other tumour patients (patients with nerve tumours, brain tumours or cancer patients).
  2. With your donation you are helping a minority (NF2-affected) who already belong to a minority (rare diseases).
  3. Your donation won’t get lost in the crowd.
  4. The act of donating makes you feel good.
  5. The certainty that your donation is effective.
  6. You save taxes and even help tumour patients.
  7. You are able to see what happens with your donation on our website
  8. You are in touch with our community (we are within reach)

Convinced? Donate now.

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